The Future of Experiential Learning

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools and places of work, post-secondary students were left uncertain of what their future may hold. Students in our community at Lumaki Labs were directly impacted by the cancellation of internship or co-op placements. Employers were unsure of how to bring students into rapidly changing, suddenly remote organizations. We […]

Starting an Internship? Here are some times to look forward to.

Whether it’s your first or sixth internship, the mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement with a little bit of anxiousness haven’t gone away. These are natural feelings; you’re starting a new job at a new company with new people working on projects that are most likely new to you. But don’t take this negatively because […]

Balancing work responsibilities and remote interns

Remote work in itself can be challenging at times and adding interns to the mix may seem daunting at first. Often times, you might find yourself trying to find a balance between your own day-to-day responsibilities as well as managing your interns. In this article, we wanted to outline a few tips for how you […]