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The Future of Experiential Learning

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools and places of work, post-secondary students were left uncertain of what their future may hold.

Students in our community at Lumaki Labs were directly impacted by the cancellation of internship or co-op placements. Employers were unsure of how to bring students into rapidly changing, suddenly remote organizations.

We watched our friends lose placements they were relying on for graduation credit or to help them cover the cost of the following year’s tuition. Student’s struggled to find new opportunities to replace those lost.

At Lumaki Labs, we took all of this personally. We listened to the stories and decided we needed to take action. We spent the next few months brainstorming, conducting interviews, and developing our solution for the future of internships.

Currently, we’re building a platform to support students throughout the internship process. From writing your first resume, to finding remote-first opportunities, virtual onboarding, and getting feedback from your manager.

You can sign up to have first access to our platform when it launches in Fall 2020 at

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